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Type Aberration
(chaotic, extraplanar)
CR 21
Environment Any (Abyss, Maelstrom or Negative Energy Plane)

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 144f.

Hunduns are creatures of madness and entropy, embodying the gaping, formless void that preceded the universe and they desire to reduce it to a space filled with nothing but randomly fluctuating energy fields and gravitic curvatures.[1][2]


Hunduns appear as humanoids wearing voluminous, hooded robes made out of their own wrinkled skin. They are faceless; the interiors of their hoods are filled with more folds of skin. They carry strange attractors, whose exact appearance varies from viewer to viewer, but always resembles repulsive staff-like objects. Strange attractors are not artificial objects, but part of a hundun's body. Hunduns stand around ten feet tall and weigh about 700 pounds.[1]


Hunduns are sustained entirely by negative energy and do not need to eat or rest. They do not age, and are biologically immortal. They are out of step with reality, which accommodates them as errors that must be continually accounted for but never fixable.[1]

Hunduns reproduce by merging their strange attractors together into an egg-shaped object under the control of one of the parents; the other parent must create a new strange attractor. The unhatched hundun egg is still a strange attractor, but if it is moved, the hundun fetus must restart its development, which takes many years. When the egg hatches, the strange attractor is destroyed and a mature hundun emerges. Reproduction between hunduns never involves any affection: rather, the parents feel a premonition that another hundun will be needed to fight order in the future, then breed wordlessly.[1]

Though not natives, hunduns find a modicum of truth and solace in the Negative Energy Plane's all-devouring, ravenous nothingness. They spend most of their time perching atop precipices overlooking the emptiness, basking in negative energy and contemplating ways to undermine cosmic laws and collapse whole planes for ages at a time.[1][2]


Hunduns are tireless antagonists of exemplars of law. They despise discipline, structure, regulation, peace, or tranquillity, and relish confusion, disorder, and destruction. They hold proteans in contempt, caring nothing for their strange religion, nor the ephemeral acts of creation in which proteans delight. Hunduns prefer the freedom and truth of pure entropy to the artificial illusions of structure, and they spread this belief as part of their goal to free creation from the shackles of order.[1] Despite this, protean choruses uneasily leave alone those hunduns that reside in the Maelstrom, allowing them to revel in their embrace of the plane's entropy.[3]

Hunduns sometimes gather to oppose creation or law if great numbers are needed to counteract them. They come together spontaneously, drawn by an innate sensitivity to reality's structuring forces.[1]


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