House of the Cresting Wave

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The House of the Cresting Wave is the only known embassy of the amphibious humanoids known as the azarketi or gillmen above the waves, and is located in the town of Escadar in the domain of Absalom.12


Also known as the Wet-House, the building is built in the architectural style of ancient Azlant, and contains many wide, flowing waterways and pools encircled by steps and columns within its walls. The largest of these pools in the center of the structure is believed to have a connection to an underground river that leads to the Inner Sea.1


The gillmen use the Wet-House to meet with members of Absalom's Low Council, offering them information about goings-on below the waves of the Inner Sea, including movements of large predators, and strangely accurate predictions of future storms. The Low Azlanti also train the hippocampi for Absalom's Sea Cavalry. Even though gillmen seem to see Absalom as a natural ally due to their shared Azlanti history, they are handsomely compensated monetarily for their services. They also worship at the strange Azlanti ruins found at the center of Escadar, and seem to enjoy the town's less reputable amenities.134


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