House of Oblivion

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The House of Oblivion is a vast structure in the heart of the Thuvian desert. Its black stone walls are hundreds of feet high, and reflect no light. The air around the House seems strangely windless, and the House emits a low buzzing sound that can be heard from miles away.

It was constructed in ancient times by the Osirian Pharaoh of Forgotten Plagues in an effort to lure the powerful entity known as Ahriman to Golarion.

The attempt succeeded, and Ahriman arrived with a large number of div followers. Ahriman agreed to support the Pharaoh in return for the gift of the House. This support was not enough to prevent the Pharaoh being overthrown by the Song Pharaoh in -3047 AR, and Ahriman left Golarion and returned to Abaddon.

However, it is believed the house may exist partly in Abaddon, and may well prove an easy route for Ahriman to return to Golarion should he choose to do so. Also, whilst Ahriman may have left, his divs have not. The House is the centre of their presence in Thuvia.12


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