House Shraen

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House Shraen

Regional (Orv)
Noble House
Source: Into the Darklands, pg(s). 47

House Shraen was once one of the great drow houses of Sekamina. Rather than following the other houses and adopting demons as their patrons, they worshipped Urgathoa and studied the mysteries of undeath, and were ultimately exiled.1


Even the drow could not tolerate their vile practices, and House Shraen was forced into exile down into Orv. In 820 AR,2 they arrived at the Black Desert after a harrowing journey of many thousands of miles. Only the undead members of the House had survived up to this point, and they settled in a vast abandoned city they named Shraen.1


Today, all of the members of House Shraen are powerful undead spellcasters: vampires, liches and worse creatures. None is affected by the harmful radiation of the Black Desert. They raid the ghouls of Sekamina for undead slaves, or capture living creatures to turn into undead.1 They have also managed to magically control the purple worms that live in the Black Desert. They travel across the sands in the gullets of their worms, seeking out secrets hidden by the desert.1

Notable members of House Shraen include:

The house's associates include:


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