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A hippogriff.

A hippogriff is a generally aggressive flying creature with the hindquarters of a horse and the clawed forelegs, wings, and head of a large raptor bird.1


Most hippogriffs' feathers have the coloration of hawks or eagles, while others have been bred to be all white or black. Their hindquarters are generally bay, chestnut, or gray, although palamino or pinto hippogriffs are not uncommon. Hippogriffs tend to be around 11 feet in length and weigh upwards of 1,500 pounds.1


Horses are ironically (because they are part-horse themselves) among hippogriff's preferred foods, which has led to speculation that they were intentionally designed this way via magic.1

On Golarion

A hippogriff-mounted Sable Company marine.

The hippogriff is the mascot of Korvosa2 and they are employed as mounts for the city's Sable Company,23 where they are stabled in an aerie located on the top three floors of Castle Korvosa's Great Tower.4 The Galloping Ghost shop in Korvosa, and its leathersmith Patch, crafts and sells hippogriff tack and barding.5

Wild hippogriffs, some of them escaped or stolen from the Sable Company's stables, also roost in parts of the city.6 Wild hippogriffs also live in and near the Kortos Mounts of the Isle of Kortos.7 The Shriikirri-Quah Shoanti venerate hippogriffs as one of their totems.38

Further south in Absalom the Blakros Museum's Hall of Legendary Beasts exhibit includes a taxidermied hippogriff.9 The Pashman region of the desert kingdom of Qadira is also home to numerous hippogriffs.10

Beyond Golarion

The celestial hippogriff Cobblehoof serves Abadar.11 Priests of Abadar can also summon hippogriffs.12


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