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Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 189
Hesperid queen

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 191

Hesperides are nymphs of sunset, and protect areas where the sight of the setting sun is particularly beautiful and well-visible. They are closely bound to the vistas they protect, and sicken and die if removed from them.1


Hesperides can manipulate sunlight through magical dances, which allows them to create graceful ribbons of light and to direct searing rays at distant foes. Hesperides can weave light around physical objects to compact them into magical golden apples.1


Hesperides live in areas where the sight of the setting sun is particularly well-displayed, such as remote islands, isolated coastal cliffs, and hidden valleys. The steady natural cycle of the phenomenon they guard gives hesperides an appreciation for ordered routine at odds with the normally mercurial natures of other fey.1

In addition to watching over the sunset, hesperides often act as guardians for physical objects, whose protection is ensured by the nymphs' steady temperaments and timeless sense of loyalty.1

Hesperid queens

Hesperid queens are paragons of their kind, and keep watch over great stores of artifacts and treasures. They will not part with those things that they have sworn to keep safe, but will exchange lesser artifacts and knowledge to respectful petitioners. The troves of hesperid queens often contain very powerful and dangerous artifacts, which the nymphs know can cause considerable danger if in unscrupulous hands. Hesperid queens thus establish complex and deadly countermeasures to guard their charges, even in the event of their own demise.2

Hesperid queens often form partnerships with gold dragons, with whom they have a close affinity, and sometimes cooperate to guard important artifacts. The nymphs typically consider such items to be part of their ward while the dragons see them as part of their hoards, but these opposing viewpoints never present an issue to the involved parties and these alliances can last for millennia.2


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