Hashim ibn Sayyid

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Hashim ibn Sayyid
Titles Pactbroker
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Expert 6
Gender Male
Homeland City of Katapesh

Source: Dark Markets: A Guide to Katapesh, pg(s). 29, 46

While the Pactmasters maintain control over the city of Katapesh, day-to-day business and governance is left to Pactbroker Hashim ibn Sayyid. He has a reputation for upholding the Pactmasters' judgments and enacting their laws, whatever his personal feelings. Ibn Sayyid also presides over the merchant council, which makes decisions about Katapesh's trade policies.[1][2]

Unknown to Katapesh's residents, Hashim was murdered weeks after his appointment as Pactbroker by the veiled master Olordaera, who now walks the city in his guise.[3]


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