Hammer Rock

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Located in the Gravelands, the fortress of Hammer Rock was largely destroyed by Tar-Baphon's super-weapon known as the Radiant Fire in 4719 AR.1 The foundation was a dwarven fortress named Glerhadring, unfinished and abandoned for unknown reasons centuries before humanity moved into the region. The humans discovered the inscription "Hammer Rock" on the cornerstones and, after constructing a fort that took advantage of the dwarven foundation, named the fortification the same. Despite its whitewashed exterior, the fort looks squat and gloomy. However, being placed on a hill, the soldiers here overlook the Path River and enjoy a clear view into Ustalav's Hungry Mountains. Abundant small game animals and a grove of fruit-bearing trees make the location even more ideal.

A network of subterranean tunnels, named Fallowdeep, run underneath the dwarven fortress. This underground complex was used by the Whispering Tyrant as storage for hundreds of preserved corpses, allowing him to instantly raise an army whenever needed.

Recent history

It has recently been reported that moroi vampires may have taken up residence in the caves south of Hammer Rock.2

The dwarf Beroldim has begun leading efforts to count and catalogue the dead stored in Fallowdeep, particularly the hundreds of dwarves who lost their lives in the Shining Crusade without acknowledgement or proper burial.3


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