Hakotep I

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Hakotep I
Hakotep the Sky Pharaoh

The Sky Pharaoh
Source: Pyramid of the Sky Pharaoh, pg(s). 57
The flying pyramid of Hakotep I.

Pharaoh Hakotep I was the ruler of Ancient Osirion who built the Slave Trenches of Hakotep in the deserts of southwestern Osirion, but is otherwise unknown.12


Ascension and early reign

Hakotep was the son of Pharaoh Djederet I and ascended to the throne of Osirion in -1653 AR upon the death of his father. The young pharaoh was devoted to the dark god Set, but he was intelligent and confident. During his popular reign, Osirion prospered until he chose a dark-eyed beauty of noble blood named Neferuset as his first royal wife. His advisers spoke against the match because Neferuset, by the age of 16, had already earned a sinister reputation as an oracle of the Dark Tapestry. Hakotep didn't listen to them and wed Neferuset, vowing to take no other wives during his reign.

Conflict with the Shory

The last decades of Hakotep's reign were tainted by his obsession with the neighboring nation of the Shory and the increasingly unstable Neferuset's mad obsession for the dark space between the stars and the strange beings that lived there. Hakotep was convinced that the Shory empire would invade Osirion and ordered the construction of Khepsutanem, now known as the Slave Trenches of Hakotep. It was a powerful weapon that could draw the Shory's flying cities down from the sky. However, the wars between Osirion and the Shory were ineffectual and cost a great number of Osirian warriors. The only gain was the development of Hakotep's great flying pyramid, a tomb for himself and his queen, and 16 smaller pyramids for his most trusted generals. Pharaoh Hakotep I named himself the Sky Pharaoh (Pharaoh Menedes I, was also known as the Sky Pharaoh).3

Illness and death

Before the completion of Khepsutanem, Hakotep was afflicted with a recurrent disease of astonishing virulence and died in -1611 AR. His beloved wife took her own life by drinking serpent venom and was laid to rest in the massive pyramid which was launched into the skies. With no surviving children, Hakotep was succeeded by his nephew Djederet II who put great effort to undoing much of his predecessor's legacy.3

Recent return

Hakotep returned from the dead in 4714 AR and tried to retake his throne, but was narrowly defeated. His flying pyramids came crashing down across Osirion following his death.4


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