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A Kulenett dwarf, a Grondaksen.

The Grondaksen, or underground dwarves, are one of the main subsets of the dwarven race alongside the Holtaksen and Ergaksen, and live in subterranean cities. Grondaksen cultural groups include the Kulenett of Geb.1


Grondaksen tend to be shorter than other dwarves. They have large eyes, and sport extensive facial hair that is present even among their women.1


Grondaksen dwarves believe that, while the Quest for Sky was divinely ordered, the dwarves should have returned to the caverns afterwards and that staying under the sun was a mistake. They consequently live entirely underground, within large cavern or extensive tunnel systems. Because of this, they are often isolated from the wider world, and rely on contact with other dwarven groups for news. An ancient agreement stipulates that surface dwarves will visit underground dwarf settlements at regular intervals, exchanging information for impeccable metalwork.1

As they live without a natural day and night cycle, Grondaksen dwarves keep a distinct daily clock divided between twelve hours of sleep and twenty of waking activity. This thirty-two-hour cycle is known as a forge-day, as it dictates the cycles by which forges are warmed and cooled.1

Grondaksen dress is traditionally brown or grey, and reinforced with metal to keep its wearer safe during work.1

Underground dwarves place great value on safety and stability, and thus rarely become adventurers. Those that venture beyond their lands typically do so to face external threats or to find means for dealing with internal ones.1


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