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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin

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Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin
Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin.

Black Monk; Mad Monk
AD 1869 (age 60)
Source: Rasputin Must Die!, pg(s). 56f.
For another meaning of "black monk", please see Kurobozu.

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (Григорий Ефимович Распутин in Russian Cyrillic script) is a Russian mystic and the estranged son of Baba Yaga. Rage and envy at being abandoned by his mother led him to conspire with his half-sister Elvanna to claim Baba Yaga's power for himself.1


Early years

After his birth, Rasputin was abandoned by his mother on the doorstep of a peasant family in the Siberian village of Pokrovskoye, who adopted him as their own son. At the age of 18, his half-sister Elvanna appeared in a vision from Golarion and taught him of his true heritage as Baba Yaga's son, and of powers that no longer manifested on Earth (Rasputin would later claim that he had seen a vision of the Virgin Mary). Baba Yaga also contacted Rasputin, but he only grew bitter at her cold rejection. He started his pursuit of occult knowledge, made pilgrimages to the Holy Land and many Russian monasteries, and became an oracle.12

Fame and death

In AD 1900, Rasputin was invited into the home of a Russian military officer to host a séance attended by Tsarina Alexandra, wife of Tsar Nicholas II. Rasputin seduced her, and nine months later Tsarina Alexandra gave birth to their daughter Anastasia, without realising that the baby's real father was Rasputin and that her new daughter carried Baba Yaga's blood.1

Rasputin was eventually summoned into the palace to heal Alexei, the Tsar's haemophiliac son, earning him both political influence as well as the jealousy of noblemen who found it unthinkable for a peasant to hold such power. In AD 1916, Rasputin was murdered by his rivals, who poisoned, shot, beat, and drowned him before he was buried. However, he awakened in his grave due to the threads of fate stitching his soul with his body, put a simulacrum in his grave, and went into hiding. When the Tsar abdicated, this simulacrum was unearthed and cremated, and all thought Rasputin to be dead except Elvanna, with whom he remained in contact.12


When Elvanna asked him for his help in her plot to overthrow Baba Yaga and drain her power, Rasputin eagerly accepted. She taught him of how Baba Yaga acquired her power so Rasputin could replicate her process, and tasked him with setting an alluring trap for their mother. He searched the Tsar's libraries for Nikola Tesla's university notes, among which were blueprints of bizarre machines designed to break the veil between planes.2

In the following months, Rasputin found the only person capable of making Tesla's designs reality: the engineer Viktor Miloslav, imprisoned in the Akuvskaya prison camp. Rasputin gathered an army of loyalists to defend the prison camp while he and Miloslav built the World Engine designed to trap Baba Yaga.2

Rasputin then messaged his mother on Triaxus, giving her hints about a plot against her. Though suspicious, Baba Yaga nonetheless came to Earth and found herself imprisoned by Rasputin and Elvanna with the power of the World Engine in a mystical matryoshka doll prison. As his sister returned to Golarion, Rasputin wished to gain power faster than his mother had done and used the World Engine to anchor the Thrice-Tenth Kingdom, Baba Yaga's realm on the First World, to Earth so he could take over her throne and power. To preserve the secrets of the World Engine, Rasputin murdered Viktor Miloslav and resurrected his daughter Anastasia as a fail-safe in case either he or Elvanna failed in their plans.23


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