Greenfire Circle

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The Greenfire Circle is druidic circle that strives to keep balance between the different factions in the area of Darkmoon Vale, Arthfell Forest and the surrounding region. They frequently act as go-betweens between humans and fey (frequently using the gnomish Circle members as ambassadors with the Fey) and seek to prevent a war between the two due to the former's logging activity in the area. The Circle also works closely with the Diamond Regiment and Fangwatch to keep on eye on threats to the area (like tatzlwyrms, manticores and werewolves) and also to promote openness and alliances with outsiders unlike other local druidic organizations such as the Shadowpack and the Third Veil. They also educate the local populace on the behaviours of wolves so that they can tell the difference between a real wolf and a lycanthropic one. Possibly due to this Greenfire druids capable of changing to animal form never turn into wolves.1


The Greenfire Circle was founded in 4491 AR by Kol "Two-Paws" Thornaolf and other druids of the Druid Kingdom of Narven after that kingdom ended the same year. More recently its membership changed to include non-druids and promoted alliances with other groups when Tablic took over as leader after defeating the previous leader in a challenge.1

Notable Members

Tablic, the human leader of the Circle.

Liese Kahkosa, a spokesperson for the Circle who commonly negotiates with townsfolk and the Lumber Consortium


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