Grand Holt

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The Grand Holt is a massive, multi-trunked fig tree located in the Green Ridge neighborhood of Absalom's Eastgate District. It is the oldest and largest tree on the Isle of Kortos, maybe even older than Absalom.1 The tree is tended by a fanatical cult known as the Circle of Stones, who also care for Iolanthe, the immortal dryad queen who lives within it. The Grand Holt has expanded greatly over the millennia of its life, and entire blocks of buildings have been demolished to facilitate its growth. Blights, such as those caused by the Welt and the Tyrant's Grasp, have not been able to deter the tree's growth, and in fact seem to cause it to grow stronger. The tree provides a refuge for nature-loving adventurers, who are hired by the Circle of Stones to further Iolanthe's cause within the city and beyond.2


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