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An overloaded courier navigates the Grand Bazaar.
This article covers the market in Absalom. For the sourcebook covering this market, see Grand Bazaar (sourcebook). For the market in Medina Mudii'a, see Great Bazaar (Medina Mudii'a).

Nearly anything can be found for sale in the Grand Bazaar of The Coins district in Absalom. The area has few permanent buildings, and most goods are sold from tents, carts, portable stages, and merchant wagons. Many merchants use dancers or illusionists to draw a sufficient crowd to make a sale. After dark, the Grand Bazaar becomes quite dangerous as criminals from the Docks and Puddles districts come here in search of heavy purses.12



The Saucy Wench mead hall is one of the area's few permanent buildings.2 The Mask and Moon offers inventive fare from famed chef Lesibarenmia Okavet.3 Dilyn Willers sells alchemically enhanced beverages from her Re:Freshments cafe.4 Unlimited Skewers acrobatically crafts skewers from anything legally edible, including patron-provided materials.5


Tattoo artist Arhan Benimaya runs the Kraken's Ink Tattoo stand, which is considered Absalom's premier parlor and takes payment in either coin or trade.6 The Rune Room provides accessory rune services to magically enhance mundane objects.7 Lyrics on the Wind offers custom writing services by disgraced playwright and letter ghostwriter Thelba Griddlestrum.8

Doctor Mirchan's Haven for Better Being purportedly offers goods and coaching toward self-improvement and better health.9 Hands-Off Healing sells potions that can be consumed with alchemical atomizers, devices in fashion with wealthy patrons.10 Mystic Sweets and Other Treats sells potion candies and other flavored alchemical concoctions that taste better than their standard equivalents.8

Material Changes11 and FIARA10 sell clothing and offer tailoring services, and Third Hand Thrift stocks a secondhand clothing store with upscale fashions.5 Morhen's Mobility Apparel designs, sells, and repairs prostheses and wheelchairs.12

A trio of ratfolk run unsanctioned games of chance under a constantly changing stall name, most recently Girma's Games Galore!.10 Hedonistic services are available at the Red Silk Route, which is well protected by Token Guards.2 The couatl Jacinato offers popular dancing lessons, sometimes to hundreds of students at once, at No Left Feet.8 Gromli Tullman makes unsolicited offers of uncanny maps to potential treasures and lost sites from a cart labelled only "Places To Go".4

Sihn Siphandon, proprietor of the Clockwork Caravan.
Ur, proprietor of Urban Garden Jewelers.


The Barghest's Bin,13 Bellwether Lodge,14 Summit & Sundry,15 and The Unscathed Blade16 all sell equipment for treasure hunters, adventurers, and danger seekers. Ultimate Utensils sells weapons and armor that can also function as kitchenware.5 Catfish Salvage Solutions specializes in gear supporting underwater recovery operations.17 Reclaimed Paradise sells used vehicles of all types.18 Cacaspal's weekly cart purports to sell agricultural enhancements as a cover for trading in poisons.9 Wisely Kanat operates solely via bartering, accepting even stories and information as payment for his constantly rotating selection of goods.5

Historia Reliquary19 and Lost & Found20 sell secondhand goods, rarities, and oddities. The Clockwork Caravan21 and Merrygleam22 sell unique trinkets and toys popular with children. Parties in Parcels offers boxes that emit illusionary party effects when opened and other party supplies.4 Relics & Remembrance sells unusual books.23 A Magical Touch sells magic items of dubious utility, and the Arcane Antiquary sells ancient magical items with an audience primarily looking for Thassilonian rarities.24 Dieral Myrnese sells rare and novelty harrow cards from wheelbarrows and calls it The Harrow Barrow.10 A gaunt man known as Ozman sells impossibly intricate handcrafted watches.4 Wares... From Beyond! sells sculptures as purportedly extraterrestrial artifacts.5

Kitten's Slumber25 and The Menagerie26 specialize in familiars and pet animals, respectively. Cats and Caboodle is a general store with a play area for adoptable cats from Josie's Kennel that customers can also play with.9 Critters Galore specializes in rare pets but has a dubious reputation.9

Dracori's Sensory Wares offers goods that produce unusual sensory experiences,27 and Noses That Know sell exotic perfumes inspired by food and spices.4 The Resplendent Rose sells musical items.28 Tesyovensku's Warehouse sells skymetals in bulk.29 Urban Garden Jewelers sells uniquely crafted plant-based jewellery made from the vines of its proprietor, Ur.30 Alexius Bedelsby crafts uniquely reclaimed and highly sought-after decorative furniture and sells them at auction from Bedelsby's Bid-A-Lot.9 Knitty Gritty sells magically mass-produced knitted goods.8 Nature's Bearings sells plants while an awakened bear paints portraits of customers.8


Bwatuzu the Panther holds the rank of Bazaar Overseer and Keeper of Measures, and watches over commerce in the bazaar.2


Paizo published a sourcebook, Grand Bazaar, about the market.

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