Gold Phoenix Aviary

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The submerged chambers beneath the Gold Phoenix Aviary,[1][2] a structure also called the Golden Phoenix Aviary,[3] are described by Pathfinder Escobar Vellian in Volume 13 of the Pathfinder Chronicles. Rumours that they may contain some of the treasure of Ammelon VI, last patriarch of the lost empire of Ghol-Gan, have caused hundreds to die in search of it, but most of the treasure remains undiscovered.[1][2] The Gold Phoenix Aviary is a vast grotto hidden in the forested depths of the Sodden Lands. The Gold Phoenix Aviary is only really reachable via a series of winding passages that link it with the ruined Temple of Xanthuun as it is protected by powerful illusion magic. Inside the aviary itself is filled with lush coconut, fig, and kapok trees. The aviary is named for its primary resident, the majestic phoenix Erenkrest, who has lived there since before the Ghol-Gan civilisation collapsed during Earthfall.[3]

Erenkrest's unique appearance includes pure white feathers edged in gold. Beyond the usually potent magical abilities shared by all phoenixes, Erenkrest is supposedly able to grant wishes to mortals. Before the fall of Ghol-Gan, its last patriarch Ammelon VI captured Erenkrest and wished that she would never leave the Gold Phoenix Aviary until his soul departed the Material Plane to meet its final reward in the Boneyard. Ammelon died during Earthfall, but his soul still lingers as a ghost trapped in the deepest bowels of Xanthuun, and Erenkrest—true to her word—remains at the Gold Phoenix Aviary.[3]


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