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Spear frog
Poison frog1E
Flybreath, a frog kept as a pet by goblins.
Giant frog
A giant frog.

Frogs are small, hopping amphibians with strong legs and long, sticky tongues. Certain kinds produce highly toxic compounds within their skin; these poison frogs are usually distinguishable by their brightly colored skins.1 Poisonous frogs are often referred to as spear frogs, referring to the manner in which their toxins are often used to coat thrown weapons such as spears and daggers. While all frogs are amphibious, certain kinds spend less time in the water and are more adapted for climbing lifestyles.2

Giant frogs

Giant frogs are enormous relatives of common frogs with razor-sharp teeth, and can grow in excess of six feet in length and 200 pounds in weight.2 They are sometimes taken as animal companions.1 Even larger variants are known, such as the goliath frog.34

Similar creatures

Ether frogs are eyeless, white-skinned frogs native to the Vaults of Orv, where their natural poison protects them from predators.5

Mobogos are magical beasts resembling enormous, monstrous frogs with leathery wings and three eyes.6

Veldenars are creatures native to the Plane of Air resembling large, translucent-skinned frogs with six eyes and short tails.7

Certain intelligent species, such as grippli8 and boggards,9 resemble large, humanoid frogs.

On Golarion

Frogs are popular companions among the goblin witches known as frog-talkers, who derive their name from their association with these animals.10

In religion

Frogs are the sacred animals of the demon lord Gogunta, who is often depicted as a gigantic frog with multiple heads, eyes, and tongues.11


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