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Aliases Gashgelag the Dread
Alignment Chaotic evil (assumed)
Race/Species Vavakia
Gender Male
Homeland Sarkoris Scar, formerly the Abyss

Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 16

Gashgelag the Dread was an enormous vavakia, a powerful demon that would have ordinarily been ruling a large Abyssal realm in his own right. Gashgelag was forced to flee the Abyss after he failed in an attempt to usurp control of a large island among the Flensing Rocks of Ishiar, a region ruled by Ovonovo. He came to the Worldwound through a portal while fleeing pursuit.[1] Gashgelag led small groups of demons in successful attacks against the barbarians that remained in the Worldwound. In 4712 AR, he nearly slew Khraigorr Half-Face, leader of the Hornbreakers, but his own terrible wounds forced him to teleport away.[1]

Since the closing of the Worldwound at the end of the Fifth Mendevian Crusade in 4718 AR, his current fate remains unknown.[2]


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