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Race/Species Umbral dragon (old)
Gender Male
Homeland Nidal

Source: Skeletons of Scarwall, pg(s). 88-89

An old umbral dragon, Gandrohal menaces the already dangerous region of the Menador Mountains that separates Nidal from Cheliax and Molthune. This section of the mountains, though well travelled, has always been haunted by shadowy creatures from beyond Golarion. These prove the perfect food for Gandrohal, as he hungers for the tasty essence of incorporeal creatures. Despite his preference for intangible food, Gandrohal will happily devour any hapless traveler who crosses his path, especially if they look like they have anything of value that could be added to his hoard.[1] The dragon is said to dwell in a crevice located in the lightless depths of one of the Menador's many deep chasms where he stores his hoard of sculpted onyx treasures.[2]


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