Frosty chiseler

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Frosty Chiseler

Any cold
Source: E1: Carnival of Tears, pg(s). 28-30

Once great artisans of the fey race frosty chiselers are now creatures perverted by the cold into evil creatures who revel in the pain and misery of their new unholy creations. Once they created astounding works of art; now, their chosen medium is frozen flesh and pain.


Frost chiselers closely resemble gnomes in their appearance and stature but their skin is an icy blue color. Frosty chiselers always carry the tools of their trade, a metal hammer and a blood stained chisel. One of their most prominent features is their large ice blue beards. This beard is not made from hair but is made of living, writhing icicles. These icicles are as sharp as a daggers and attack the frosty chiseler's foes like hungry snakes. One of the frosty chiseler's eyes is always larger than the other bulging out of its skull like an overripe orange.1

Habitat and ecology

Frosty chiselers dwell in any cold environment that is near to their human victims. They need humanoids as they provide the material for the frosty chiselers' craft. Frosty chiselers still concentrate on carving after their transformation, but their preferred material is still living human bodies frozen into blocks of ice. From this they create monstrous sculptures that no sane human can possibly consider art. While frosty chiselers in general have to reside on the outskirts of civilization, many are said to reside in the palaces of the witch queen of Irrisen, creating some of the most depraved sculptures imaginable from their near limitless supply of captives. Frosty chiselers are generally created when the witch queen of Irrisen infects the soul of artistic fey with her malevolent chill.1


Bristle Ice Beard
Any opponent who attacks the frosty chiseler in melee is struck by the icy tendrils of the chiseler's beard.
Brittlebone Curse
The frosty chiseler can curse its opponent making its bones and flesh as brittle as ice and causing them to slough off if the opponent does anything too strenuous.1