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Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 6–9

Frostmire is the name given to the northwestern-most region of the Worldwound, now known as the Sarkoris Scar. It borders the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to the west, and is a largely desolate land filled with with stinking fens and ragged hills.1


Composed mostly of inhospitable marshes and ragged hills, Frostmire was sparsely populated even before the demons arrived. When the Worldwound opened in 4606 AR, the colorful northern lights that had graced these latitudes for aeons temporarily transformed into the shape of a crying woman. Priests of the Empyreal Lord Pulura received additional visions of impending doom, giving the local Kellid tribes several weeks of advanced warning to escape the coming invasion. When the demons finally arrived after having brought down eastern and southern Sarkoris, they found nothing but empty villages and desolate wasteland.1


Frostmire can be broken down into two geographical regions: the ragged hills known as the Wolfcrags, and the frigid marshlands called Frostmire Fen. The Wolfcrags occupy Frostmire's north and rise to the west into the Tusk Mountains. They get their name from their most notorious inhabitants: the large packs of dire wolves that inhabit its countless, confusing valleys. The Frostmire Fen are huge, frigid marshlands punctuated by sulfurous hot springs. The Forest of Stones and Northmounds funnel the frigid, arctic air from the Crown of the World down into Frostmire, making it the coldest region of the Worldwound.23

Notable settlements

The only city of any size that existed in this part of Sarkoris was Dyinglight, as Frostmire was never a heavily populated region. No humans lived in Dyinglight during the century of demonic occupation, as it was populated mostly by fiendish marsh giants led by the Glungur the Mighty, high priest of Kostchtchie.2 These giants remain there even after the closing of the Worldwound, and are believed to have taken up cannibalism.4

Places of interest


Of little interest to the primary power centers of the Worldwound (including the followers of Deskari who prefer challenging the Mendevian Crusaders to the east and south), Frostmire was a haven for those loyal to lesser demonic powers. Hezrous loyal to the foul demon lord Gogunta populated the Frostmire, eagerly searching for sunken Sarkorian relics, while shadow demons loyal to Shax infiltrated and possessed a band of Kellid barbarians in Sabertooth Vale. Frostmire was also home to fungus queens who lived near the warm, sulfurous springs, eager to expand their depraved cults in honor of Cyth-V'sug and her high priestess Enivuni. As has already been mentioned above, the former city of Dyinglight is populated by fiendish marsh giants loyal to Kostchtchie. Outside of Sabertooth Vale, humanoids are virtually absent from Frostmire.1

Creatures and other hazards

Despite having been on the periphery of Worldwound demonic politics, Frostmire remains a dangerous region. Bowel worms infest the tainted waters of Frostmire Fen, midnight morels thrive in caverns and other dark places, the fungus known as Shax's beard breeds in its most desolate regions, urannags seek to trap the unwary, locus demons infest the skies, and demonic vermin scuttle in the shadows, avoiding the more powerful denizens.1


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