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So as all of you already may know, I have created a new entry for Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild product pages called "Recurring characters, concepts, & locations" in an effort to make these pages more useful to PFS GMs. The idea for this came after I posted on the Paizo Inc. forums (both HERE and HERE) and received some feedback. Oznogon has already found a way of incorporating these lists into non-product pages. Once I finish with the project (I started with Season 0 and have not completed Season 1), I will create a help page for continuing this project without me. I'm not going anywhere, just want to make things more transparent.

I also should mention that these lists are not a complete inventory of any product that the person, place, or thing is mentioned in. It's a curated list of Pathfinder Society scenarios, Pathfinder Modules, Pathfinder Campaign Setting, and other Paizo publications in which the subject appears in a significant way (i.e no single mentions) designed to be useful to PFS GMs and players (mostly the former). If something is mentioned a few times in a product, but does not contribute significant new information about the subject, or does not include information that would be helpful for GMS, I have not included it.

As stated elsewhere, a really useful addition to the wiki. The concept of linking from the object's page is also a good idea.