Formian worker

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Formian worker

Monstrous humanoid
Warm or temperate land or underground
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 113
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Formian workers are the lowest and smallest caste of formians who form the backbone of a formian hive.1


Formian workers are slightly taller than a big dog, and have small mandibles unsuited to cutting flesh. Their iridescent exoskeleton is nearly featureless except for markings on their chest and small scars. Many accomplished formian workers glue small gems, granted by taskmasters for accomplishments, to their carapace.1


Formian workers perform all menial labour in the hive, including producing food, mining, tunnelling, and crafting goods. They enter the labour force at the age of two and live for 20–30 years. Old workers are assigned lighter or more skilled work in order to give them capacity to train young workers.1

Workers are hatched in large batches and given a clutch name, as well as a number after they mature, which is used in place of an individual name, which is only given to particularly remarkable workers.1


Workers imitate many taskmaster practices, including writing accomplishments on their carapace and duelling. They usually avoid combat if not specifically ordered to fight by a myrmarch or taskmaster, in which case they tend to assist warriors and myrmarchs with mining picks, alchemist's fires, or collapse tunnels on enemies.1


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