Formian taskmaster

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Formian taskmaster

Monstrous humanoid
Warm or temperate land or underground
Source: Bestiary 4, pg(s). 111

Formian taskmasters are a formian caste who serve in the roles of commerce and diplomacy.1


Formian taskmasters often leave the hive in commercial or diplomatic missions, escorted by workers and warriors. They recognise that telepathy can be unnerving to other species, but their mandibles are not suited to speech, which is often hoarse and hard to understand.1

Taskmasters are highly competitive and proud of their accomplishments, which they carve and highlight on their exoskeletons. They sometimes duel over a trade route, an insult or promotions: these duels are rarely lethal to avoid weakening the hive and attracting the wrong attention from myrmarchs.1


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