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Spooky, a familiar.

Cats are a family of predatory animals that range from small housepets and familiars to powerful beasts who thrive in the wild.1 They are the sacred animal of Bastet, a goddess of the Osirian pantheon,2 and of the empyreal lord Falayna.3

Catlike creatures

In addition to small domestic cats, numerous varieties of feline creatures exist. Small, spotted margays live in the treetops of tropical forests, and like domestic cats, are sometimes taken as familiars.4 Certain magical beasts physically resemble cats, such as cat siths, which appear as stocky housecats but are somewhat larger and capable of walking bipedally,5 and the slender, eight-legged porachas of the Forest of Spirits.6

Numerous feline species grow much larger and are powerful predators, such as leopards, panthers, cougars, lions, tigers, smilodons,1 cheetahs,[citation needed]7 hoarpanthers,8 the alien pards,9 and the club-tailed digmauls.10 Other catlike creatures include the kamadan,11 the dweomercats of the First World,12 and the aquatic sea cat;13 nekomatas are large, two-tailed felines reputed to be created from cats who live beyond their natural lifespans.[citation needed]14 The diminutive agathions known as silvanshees strongly resemble housecats,[citation needed]15 as do the fey elananxes.16

A humanoid feline race known as catfolk are widespread in Murraseth, a nation of southern Garund, as well as in parts of Osirion and Holomog, and the Valashmai Jungle of Tian Xia.171819


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