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(chaotic, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Outer Rifts or Axis)
Source: Crownfall, pg(s). 82

Fantionettes are the doll-like divine servitors of Thamir Gixx, presenting themselves to his followers as murderers.1


A fantionette resembles an adult halfling or a human child to all creatures outside of its aura of revelation. It stands between three and four feet high, and weighs about 70 pounds. In its true form, it has a pair of black wicked claws made of chitin and jagged porcelain where each arm should be. Its mouth resembles disjointed spider mandibles with a layer of chipped porcelain.1


A fantionette combines its deceptive form with its ability to blend in to crowds of human children and adult halflings. Those children that manage to see through the fantionette's deception and warn their parents are almost always dismissed and called foolish by the parents who stand too far from the fantionette to perceive its true form. Fantionettes thrive on the fear it generates from children, though they are either forbidden from directly attacking them or simply choose not to.1

A fantionette selects targets entirely by whim and opportunity, is capable of instinctually following a target, and possesses a variety of divinely granted powers which it uses to overcome targets or deflect scrutiny in social settings. The hand of Thamir is said to hover invisibly over all fantionettes, and they can temporarily suspend their free will to let him guide them, either to drag them towards a fleeing target or turn a miss into a deadly critical hit.1


Fantionettes are first and foremost Thamir's servitors and seek to spread the chaotic, murderous joy of their god. Due to Thamir's service to Norgorber, they are also likely to work alongside his followers and divine servitors, the karumzeks. While fantionettes prefer chaos, karumzeks prefer to operate behind the scenes, and provide poisons to fantionettes working for Norgorber.1

A fantionette's patron will inevitably grow weary of its murderous presence and either destroy or abandon it. On their own, fantionettes establish a murderous reputation for criminals, most often halflings, by crediting these apprentices with the murders committed by the fantionette. In this way, fantionettes convert followers to Thamir's worship, either directly or by constantly reminding halfling communities of his presence.1

Fantionettes are found on equal measure in Axis or the Outer Rifts, serving as assassins, guards, entertainers and messengers for both Thamir and Norgorber. If left to their own devices, fantionettes form gaggles, disguising themselves as stranded children or halflings and searching for weak prey or new arrivals. Demons often see nothing more than a delicious meal before being torn apart. In Axis, fantionettes are careful to relocate across the plane after each murder and stay ahead of the axiomites and Axial monitors.1


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