Fangwood Keep

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Fangwood Keep is a fortress near the NirmathasMolthune border in the Marideth River valley. Ownership of the fortress has alternated between the two nations since the beginning of the Nirmathi war of independence. It was built on top of the ancient tower of an elven wizard.12


The two-story-tall keep sits on a barren hill, with an outer wall that is partially collapsed. A bridge nearby crosses the Marideth River.3 The outer wall has suffered from erosion with 15-foot high walls that are 12 feet thick at the base but taper to only five feet thick at the top. The wooden front gate, located on the south side of the keep, was destroyed in 4689 AR but never rebuilt.4

The keep is shaped like a four-leaf clover.56 A rock outside the northeastern section of the tower wall has Tessarael's rune carved into it.4


The original construction on the site of Fangwood Keep was built by the corrupted elven transmuter Tessarael as a place to research interplanetary travel. When her attempt failed, years of neglect left the above-ground portions of the keep in ruins. When Molthune built Fangwood Keep in 4648 AR,7 they used the remaining stone.8

Molthune lost Fangwood Keep to the Nirmathi forces in 4703 AR allowing the Nirmathi to push forward many miles into Molthune.7


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