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An evangelist velstrac.
This article is about the velstrac species. For the prestige class, see Evangelist (prestige class).

Evangelists are a class of velstrac. "Evangelist" is their proper name in velstrac society;1 they are also known as chain devils.23


Evangelist velstracs resemble lean humans, but have deathly pale flesh covered with vicious scars. They are almost always wrapped and draped in barbed chains that cut their flesh and weigh them down; a typical velstrac weighs more than 350 pounds.1


Evangelists have embraced the chains that once bound their race in the pit of Hell. They have a supernatural connection to chains, granting them the ability to mentally animate chains in their proximity. They can magically lengthen any chain they use and cause it to sprout razor-sharp barbs.1

Like all velstracs, evangelists have an unnerving gaze that inspires terror in its victims. An evangelist can cause any who look upon its face to see the visage of a long-lost loved one or hated enemy, causing them to quake with fear.1

In the Great Beyond

Most of the velstracs who still reside in Hell are evangelists.4

Known evangelists


Paizo referred to evangelist velstracs as simply kytons or chain devils in some early Pathfinder campaign setting products.

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