Eternity's Doorstep

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Eternity's Doorstep is the name given by the sceaduinars to a planet-sized, perfectly smooth, unmarred black glass sphere floating in the Void,1 seemingly unharmed by the plane's entropy. At evenly spaced intervals, the following text is repeated, in multiple languages:2

What you think of as life is a great deception. The faithful have already been claimed, taken, and saved. You are ours.

Undead are attracted to Eternity's Doorstep like a black hole, which drags them inside, consumes both their body and soul, and reduces them to nothingness. Even mighty darvakkas are not too powerful to escape its pull. This process might take from a few seconds to aeons, during which intelligent undead are aware, and scream in horror as thousands of shadows drag them down.12

The sceaduinars deny all theories that attribute the construction of Eternity's Doorstep to them, but appreciate its effects, and often watch the undead consumed by the sphere with pleasure. Using divination on the sphere reveals an ancient, mighty, sickeningly malevolent presence, contrasting with the Void's unaligned background, that stares back at the caster. Devourers drift above the surface of Eternity's Doorstep, attracted by but not drawn into the sphere, staring into it, whispering a prayer with the word Shepherd, and tilting their heads back as if listening for a response.2


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