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Eliza Petulengro

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Eliza Petulengro
Eliza Petulengro

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 55

Eliza Petulengro is a venture-captain who hails from war-torn Galt. She returned to her homeland to reclaim the damaged Woodsedge Lodge on behalf of the Pathfinder Society. Although her presence was tolerated, she expressed disdain for public executions, and employed several disgraced nobles as her personal servants. This annoyed many, especially the more fanatical revolutionaries.1

Eliza is a talented diviner with a vast memory for text, names, and faces. She has a habit of calling initiates by name even after meeting them only once. 2 Her duties in the Grand Lodge in Absalom involved managing the Society's army of librarians and administrators.3

Eliza is a member of the Pathfinder Society's ruling Decemvirate. Her membership was unknown to most Pathfinders except Shemis and a few others,4 until she shed her mask in 4719 AR after the unmasking of Vahlo Huovar.5 After becoming the public face of the Decemvirate, she stepped back from her position as the venture-captain of the Woodsedge Lodge, recruiting Armeline Jirneau to take her place.


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