Ekat Kassen

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Ekat Kassen
Gender Male
Homeland Kassen, now Nirmathas
Died 11 Neth, 4535 AR
Companion(s) Asar Vergas

Source: Crypt of the Everflame, pg(s). 3

Ekat Kassen was a crusader and fortune seeker who came to serve Lastwall in 4515 AR. While he fought with distinction for some years he decided to leave the military to find his fortune. He had been traveling all over the region around the Lake Encarthan when he settled down on the banks of the Tourondel River in the Fangwood of Nirmathas in 4522 AR[1] after a very profitable adventure. He founded the village known as Kassen's Hold which quickly grew and prospered as a natural stopover for those traveling up and down the river to Skelt.[2]

Ekat Kassen died on 11 Neth, 4535 AR, from a mortal wound after a bloody battle where he fought his old companion Asar Vergas who was raiding the town for two months seeking revenge against Ekat.[2]


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