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Einherjar[1] are a race of outsiders from the Maelstrom, chosen from the slain by valkyries, who fight for powerful extraplanar beings across the multiverse,[2] especially as favoured allies of proteans.[3]


Einherjar appear as ghostly,[4] but muscled and battle-hardened humans, dwarves, or elves. A typical einherji stands seven feet tall and weighs around 300 pounds.[2]


Einherjar often maintain the preferred fighting style and some of the abilities they held in life, so there is some variation in abilities between einherjar. All known einherjar have been martial fighters. Einherjar are typically granted some divine powers and gain benefits when challenging opponents in single combat.[5]


Einherjar is chosen by valkyries among warriors who die glorious deaths in battle and raised to their new state after judgement by Pharasma.[4] Valkyries and einherjar congregate in the Maelstrom, as much for chaos as for the opportunity for conflict, aboard ships or island realms, wherever the call of battle and conflict rages. Einherjar pride themselves on prowess in battle, and forever seek to prove themselves by challenging worthy foes.[2][6] Einherjar believe that, as this reality ends, they will stand beside their gods fighting back the forces of entropy in order to pave the way for a smooth transition to the next world.[5]


  1. Einherji is the singular form; einherjar is the plural form of this outsider
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