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(devil, evil, extraplanar, lawful)
Any (Hell)
Source: Kobold Quarterly 22, pg(s). 12

Edavagors, also known as hunter devils, are horrid beast-like devils who serve as trackers.1


Edavagors appear vaguely like massive hounds with two eyeless heads and six legs, covered in sleek bladed plates of chitin. Their insides are made up of an amorphous mass of countless writhing worms, all with a single intelligence between them. Despite their bestial appearance, edavagors are deceptively intelligent.1


In addition to their monstrous strength, edavagors can breathe a cone of fire from each of their two heads. Their bites transmit the weakening disease known as devil chills. Both the edavagor's bites and breath weapons cause a wave of worms to spill over their victims that burrow into their flesh; these spoor worms allow the edavagor to magically track any creature they infest across any distance, even on different planes.1


Most edavagors are hunters and trackers in the service of Barbatos, the archdevil who rules over Avernus, the topmost layer of Hell. They sometimes hunt in the company of cerberi or hell hounds. Edavagors track runaway souls across the Iron Wilderness.1 Barbatos's servant, Duke Losarkur, has been granted a legion of these devils for his service.2


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