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The Drownyard is a location in the city of Absalom, in the (now mostly destroyed) Precipice Quarter.

Before the terrible earthquake of 4698 AR, the Precipice Quarter (formerly known as Beldrin's Bluff) was known as the Tri-Towers Yard, the premier finishing school for children of the rich and powerful. The unexpected quake destroyed the academy and the students within, but the quake also brought forth a spray from the sewer that contained the remains of an (previously unknown) ancient necropolis over which the school had been built. The lower reaches of the Drownyard access this old necropolis.1

Now the Tri-Towers Yard is better known as the Drownyard, a desolate ruin filled with salty brine and haunted by undead. For a decade after the tragedy, the site has been off limits to outsiders, the families of the dead erecting a fence of black iron around the area to keep out morbid intruders and even archaeological groups. The Pathfinder Society was eventually permitted access to the area.2