Draconic Apsu

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Draconic Apsu is a four-thousand-line epic recounting the creation of the true dragon races as recorded in the fourth generation by the gold dragon sage Gunnarrex. Most famous are the first nine lines of the epic, portions of which appear throughout draconic literature and among the most legendary of draconic locales.

I shall then be Apsu,
for I am the first.
I am the primeval,
who was of Heaven
and of Material
before they had names,
for I created them with Chaos.
I then shall go
and I shall end Death.

The first two lines are by far the most widely-found excerpt from this passage, carved into the very faces of the Obelisks of Fate and the Obelisks of Destiny. The final line, "and I shall end death," appears throughout Dragonfall and is frequently used as a battle cry by metallic dragons when they enter combat with their chromatic kin.1


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