Dortrot Ranch

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Dortrot Ranch is a large horse ranch located on the plains of the eastern Gravelands just south of the Path River. The family of the owner, Chap "Old Man" Dortrot, has been raising both draft and warhorses there for 11 generations.12


The Dortrot family primarily raises Lastwall palfreys (known for their smooth, ambling gait), Taldor jennets (whose calm disposition is well known), Dort chargers (the second-most popular breed of Lastwall warhorses), as well as mixed-breeds to be used as work horses. The family patriarch, "Old Man" Dortrot, carefully manages the herd, which rarely is larger than 2,000 head, and regularly rotates his pastures.1

Recent history

In the last few years, the ranch has been plagued by mites, both of the verminous and fey variety, and has been looking for assistance for protecting its herd.1

Another concern is the infestation of moroi near Hammer Rock as Dortrot Ranch is the closest place the vampires could feed. The nosferatu Ramoska Arkminos heard of this and is taking action to support the Ranch due to his assessment about the lack of their ability to withstand an attack from a coven of vampires: Dortrot keeps only a single Pharasmin priest on the premises. It is not clear why Arkiminos would want to help Dortrot, and it is more likely he wants to imprison the moroi for his own purposes.3


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