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Ekkie wields a dogslicer.

A dogslicer is an often curved, primitive bladed weapon used primarily by goblins. It is generally a short, single piece of crude iron or steel which is sharpened on one side with a crude handle attached. Holes are often punched into the metal in order to make it easier for the relatively weak goblins to wield. Because of the weapon's poor construction, dogslicers have a habit of breaking on their users at the most inopportune moments.1 Masterwork dogslicers are made of sturdier pieces of metal, and are less likely to break.2 A dogslicer gets its name from the fact that most goblins have an irrational hatred of canines, and like nothing better than to cut them into little pieces.1 Since goblins are the intended users, almost all dogslicers are made to be wielded by goblin-sized creatures.3

Dogslicers are the favored weapon of the goddess Zarongel, a goblin deity of fire and mounted combat.4


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