Djinni Empire

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Djinni Empire
A djinni.

Source: Planes of Power, pg(s). 12 (1E)

The Djinni Empire covers the majority of the Plane of Air, making the empire's djinn its undisputed masters. The empire is ruled by Sultan Zafer XXXVIII, Lord of the Heavens and All the Stars of the Mortal Void1 from his spectacular Sussurran Palace in the Djinni Empire's capital city Armun Kelisk.2 He rules through a network of loyal viziers who each have their own regions with their own capital cities at the heart of each. The Djinni Empire focuses on acquiring lore and wisdom (at least as much as physical trade goods) both for its intrinsic value to their culture as well as for its trade value to others. The Djinni Empire is not just home to djinn but many other creatures including wandering tribes of janni, various mephits,1 and the mysterious elementals known as invisible stalkers.3

The djinn and their empire claim to have always ruled the Plane of Air but some believe that this is not true. Rumour and whispers claim that once the djinn fought some ancient rival for rulership over the plane, some claim these foes were another extraplanar race, while others say it was against a pantheon of gods. Most agree that whomever these rivals were they had something to do with the mysterious bronze and steel spheres that dot the plane and that the djinn refuse to go anywhere near.1