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Titles Spiral City
Nation Abyss
Region Pleroma
Demographics Demons, serpents
Government Theocracy (Abraxas)
Alignment Chaotic evil
Ruler Abraxas
Leader Alistraxia

Source: Lords of Chaos, pg(s). 9

The (apparently) beautiful spiral city of Diovengia is the home of the demon lord Abraxas, ruler of the abyssal realm of Pleroma. It is a place of complex illusions that continuously transforms itself to appear pleasing and serene to those who travel its streets. It is home to demons, serpents, and souls enslaved to Abraxas and visited by brave seekers of occult knowledge. Diovengia has a countless number of library towers, and is guarded by a group of marilith demons led by Abraxas' favoured consort, Alistraxia. Abraxas is associated with forbidden lore, and there is much within these towers to tempt a brave seeker of knowledge into visiting the Abyss.[1][2]


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