Dimension of Time

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Dimension of Time
Titles The Hidden Dimension
Sphere Inner Sphere
Gravity Normal
Time Erratic
Realm Immeasurable
Structure Lasting
Essence Mixed
Alignment Mildly neutral
Magic Normal
Denizens Danavas
Hounds of Tindalos
Time dimensionals
Time dragons
Petitioners (the unbound)
Divinities Yog-Sothoth
Tawil at'Umr
Description Demiplane realm accessible by magically entering one's own timeline

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 214 (1E)
Gamemastery Guide, pg(s). 145 (2E)

The Dimension of Time is a hidden, poorly known, almost unreachable demiplane of time that touches all known planes except timeless ones.[1]


The Dimension of Time cannot be reached by conventional planar travel, and no tuning fork attuned to it is known to exist. What little is known on Golarion about this plane comes from the strange tome known as the Book of Serpents, Ash, and Acorns: Shadows of What Was and Will Be. The techniques contained in the book allow a creature of the Inner Sphere to conjure a manifest expression of their own timeline and crawl up it into the Dimension of Time. Those native to the Outer Sphere, including deities, are unable to access this demiplane. Fate seems to hold sway over mortals only, forcing others to look on as from a distant shore.[2][1]


Upon arriving on the plane, travelers find themselves in a transparent bubble, surrounded by countless, chaotic images from their past. A single exit provides access to any moment in their own life, providing they can remember it fully and maintain continuous concentration. Those that fail to do so are cast out of the Dimension of Time and suffer various devastating side effects; at least, they will become targets of hounds of Tindalos. Any attempt to change the past, however, results in a swift reaction. Offenders are either excised from reality completely, or trapped in an inescapable time loop. Travelers trail translucent cords radiating from their mid-sections, in much the same way as on the Astral Plane.[1][2]

These journeys do not allow travelers to truly enter the Dimension of Time, or explore eras before one's own birth, or in the future. Most knowledge about the dimension has been gleaned from natives of the plane: danava titans, hounds of Tindalos, iriis, and time dragons, who speak of a truly alien place inhabited by incarnations of time itself. The Outer God Yog-Sothoth may be a sentient manifestation of the dimension, and his avatar Tawil at'Umr knows the methods by which a mortal may travel to the Dimension of Time, with terrible prices.[1]

Those that manage to physically enter the Dimension of Time find themselves at the Desolate Shore, the beginning of Stethelos, the mysterious city at the centre of the Dimension of Time. The core of Stethelos is the city of Stethelos itself, also known as the Green Meadow, which lies at the middle of an ocean surrounded by monstrous cataracts, over which the water pours into the nothingness of the future. On entering the Dimension of Time, there is a vast and dense forest behind the traveller called the Viridescent Jungle. Travelling into the forest, away from Stethelos, takes one deeper into the actual Dimension of Time. A land called Tindalos is said to lie at the other side of the Viridescent Jungle, but those who travel too far into the jungle or over the edge of the cataracts disappear forever.[1][3][4]


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