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Demon-spawn (pitspawn)
Ramexes, a pitborn oracle.
Type Outsider
CR By class level
Environment Any land

Source: Blood of Fiends, pg(s). 20

Demon-spawn, pitborn, or pitspawn as they are variously called, are tieflings who are descended from demons. Pitborn are normally a well of deep rage, harbouring an appetite for destruction that can never truly be satisfied. Those that give in to this rage delight, not just in the feeling of creating wanton destruction but also in the knowledge that they are ruining something either beloved, desired, or deeply needed. Born of chaos, almost all pitborn harbour some sort of mutation that mars their natural symmetry. For some, these mutations are easy to explain away, things like differently coloured eyes or an extra finger or toe, but for others it can be as extreme as extra limbs, vestigial heads, or bizarre scales and spines. Most pitborn take great offence at having these abnormalities pointed out. Pitborn are most common in the region around the former Worldwound, now known as the Sarkoris Scar, and in the depths of the Darklands. Pitborn also sometimes arise after seemingly natural disasters, as if there may secretly have been some kind of fiendish influence behind it all.[1]


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