Delbera Axebringer

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Delbera Axebringer
Delbera Axebringer.

ca. 4500 AR1
ca. 4676 AR1
Source: Down the Blighted Path, pg(s). 3, 24–26

Lady Delbera Axebringer was a dwarven adventurer and craftswoman renowned for her acts as one of the Rising Blades and forger of the magical axe Firebrand.1


Delbera left her family at a young age after forging Firebrand and hearing Torag's call in its inspiration.1

After her adventuring career, Delbera settled in her hometown of Davarn. She bore no children of her own, but hundreds of her relatives inhabit Davarn and carry on her legacies of service and faith. Her own home, Firebrand's Redoubt, still stands on the outskirts of town and now serves as both a monument and resting place.1


Her adventuring band, the Rising Blades, earned fame from their exploits across the Five Kings Mountains and Andoran. Their battles against the necromancer Audalot Karexin and apprentice Zohir Totek were particularly legendary.1


As a young acolyte of Torag, Delbera felt a divine inspiration and worked tirelessly for weeks to forge Firebrand, a peerlessly crafted axe that looked as though it were perpetually shimmering in flames. She took the axe to the surface to spread her faith, encountered the Rising Blades, and became a stalwart adventurer in her own right.1

With the Blades, she battled and defeated the Court of Ether's necromancer Karexin and apprentice Zohir in Phaedextrin's Maw. She personally spared Zohir out of mercy, but slew Karexin.1


After the Rising Blades disbanded, she settled on the outskirts of Davarn in her newly built home of Firebrand's Redoubt—an underground fortress hours east of the town proper—and continued to patrol the Five Kings Road connecting it to the Sky Citadels. She was beloved in the town, who granted her a noble title, and attracted followers who swore loyalty to her on Firebrand.1 These followers who became guardians of Davarn would become known as the Firebrand Legion,2 and operated out of Firebrand's Redoubt.3


Zohir had meanwhile regrouped over the century following her defeat, recruited an army of duergar, and focused her anger on Delbera. Around 4676 AR, the necromancer invaded Davarn, but was defeated again by its defenders—but not before dealing a fatal blow to Delbera.1

The slain dwarven hero was laid to rest in her home, and her followers and family continued her legacy.1


Delbera amassed many trophies and treasures in her adventures, but Firebrand always remained the greatest among them. The flaming dwarven waraxe was blessed with gifts of Torag that wreathed it in holy fire and gave it a voice encouraging its use to defend the weak and innocent.4


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