Days of Wrath

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The Days of Wrath, or Dies Irae, are a holiday celebrated on both solstices and equinoxes in the nation of Cheliax and wherever Asmodeus is worshiped. They are primarily a national holiday and not truly a religious one, but the two are often confused due to Cheliax's current political climate. Various contests and blood sports are held on these days, promoting those elites who can clearly demonstrate their superiority over others. Some believe that these competitions are watched and judged by devils themselves. In the parts of the world where the Prince of Darkness is not openly venerated, these holidays take on a different tone: they are used to settle old grievances and also to end contracts.1

In these days, bloodsports are organized into cities' stadiums. Slaves and servants of any master may choose to enter the arena for one-on-one bloody battles to the death. Free men and women of all classes are free to enter the arena as well. The entrants fight in rounds until at last one stands alone. The winner is granted freedom from slavery or servitude, erasure of all debts, and a purse of gold.

The winter solstice sees the culmination of the Dies Irae, with all the winners of the three previous bouts summoned to Egorian to fight to the death for the amusement of the nobles. The winner is given a title of baronet and a plot of land.2