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Aliases Sixth King of the Five Kings Mountains
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Red dragon (great wyrm)
Gender Male
Homeland Five Kings Mountains / Andoran

Source: Dragons Revisited, pg(s). 50-51

The great wyrm red dragon Daralathyxl is with little doubt one of the most powerful dragons in all of Golarion. So powerful is he that he is known as the "Sixth King of the Mountains",[1] a reference to the Five Kings Range where he has made his home on the border between Andoran and the dwarven controlled Five Kings Mountains. Daralathyxl has haunted this part of the world since 3001 AR and is estimated to be over 2,000 years old. While less and less active with each passing century, only a fool believes his power diminished. Whenever his inactivity causes rumours of his death, he seems to re-emerge, venting his fiery wrath across all of southern Avistan. Daralathyxl has rampaged across Andoran, Isger and Druma, and demands tribute in the form of virgin maidens (especially elven girls), mounds of coins, and priceless treasures. Those who have to placate this mighty dragon refer to him as "king", "emperor" or even "god", for he repays any slight with fire and death.[2]

Current status

Daralathyxl was last seen in the border region between Andoran and the Five Kings Mountains in 4669 AR.[3] Nevertheless, the dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains are constantly on watch for any sign of the dragon's return, sending parties of scouts all over the mountains to seek him. These scouts even descend into the many cave systems of the mountain range in their quest, and they certainly work to stop any creatures wishing to wake the dragon.[4]


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