Daggermark Poisoners' Guild

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Daggermark Poisoners' Guild
Type Criminal
Leader Tragshi
Headquarters Daggermark, River Kingdoms
Scope National
Members Poisoners, assassins, herbalists, alchemists

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 13
See also: Daggermark Assassins' Guild

The Daggermark Poisoners' Guild was established in the River Kingdom of Daggermark 90 years ago by a poisoner from Cheliax named Ambras Imre. Many blame the Guild for the death of the last king of Daggermark, who choked to death at dinner within a few months of Imre's arrival in the city. The Guild's current leader is Tragshi the Herbalist. It has close links with the Daggermark Assassins' Guild,[1] and its reputation has spread across Avistan and even beyond.[2]


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