Cullerton family

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Cullerton family

Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 23

The Cullertons were one of the three merchant families which formed the small River Kingdom of Lambreth. The Cullerton family was the oldest of the three families. They founded the town of Maashinelle in the lowlands where the Tolemaida River joins the West Sellen River in 4355 AR. Fearing annexation from their neighbors, the three families negotiated a union, ruling the region as the Triunes of Lambreth, in 4502 AR. The union was proposed by Leeoda Cullerton.12

When Lambreth was threatened by imminent invasion from neighbouring Razmiran in 4675 AR, the Triunes, in desperation, offered the lordship of the realm to Kamdyn Arnefax if he could defeat the invaders. When Arnefax returned victorious from the battle against the Razmiri invaders and demanded the lordship of Lambreth, the Angelidis family as well as Vizcarra family swore fealty at once, while Master Tandre Cullerton, who resisted, was killed immediately, and the Cullertons were dispossessed and exiled under penalty of death.1

Lord Arnefax now rules Lambreth from the former Cullerton Manor in Maashinelle.1