Crunmir the Wurm-Eater

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Crunmir the Wurm-Eater
(Magic item)

Aura (1E)
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Magic weapon
Slot (1E)
Source: Classic Treasures Revisited, pg(s). 57

Crunmir the Wurm-Eater is a greataxe with the vorpal weapon quality. It also has other magical abilities, such as the ability to be thrown effectively and to return to its owner's hand afterwards.

The weapon has not been seen in living memory, but its legend lives on in the songs of the Ulfen skalds.

Princes in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings must each kill a linnorm to demonstrate they are worthy to rule. Crunmir would make such a dangerous task easier, and the tales mostly deal with princes who have sought the axe for that purpose. In most songs, the prince proves unworthy and the axe is lost.

The latest tale deals with a prince named Stojorn. After he was shipwrecked, he fell into the clutches of with a sea hag. She granted him his freedom and Crunmir, in return for his promise to slay a linnorm that had been tormenting her. He kept his side of the bargain and killed the beast, but it fell on him and he was crushed to death.1

A few of the Ulfen are starting to regard the use of vorpal weapons by princes as being against the spirit of the challenge to bring down a linnorm.2


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