Crimson Cad

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Crimson Cad

Magus 5 / Rogue 1

The self-styled Crimson Cad is a bandit who has recently and quickly earned a notoriety along the Lost Coast, after escaping from jail in Caliphas and taking up residence in a cave down the cliff below the headland called the Pyre. He prefers to target groups associated with arcane spellcasters, and usually only takes magic items and spellbooks. His activities have particularly vexed the town of Galduria, where the bounty for his capture is 2,000 gold coins. The Crimson Cad dresses brightly (preferring red and orange), but is quite stealthy. He never wears his garish clothing in Sandpoint nor robs anyone within a day's travel of the town, so no resident of Sandpoint has discovered his lair, and he would do his best to silence anyone who does so.1


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