Crawling Hunger

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Crawling Hunger
Environment Pit of Gormuz

Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 29

Crawling Hunger is one of the lesser Spawn of Rovagug.[1]


It is described as the largest purple worm ever witnessed,[1] standing out due to the crab-like legs that sprout from the length of its body. These legs protrude in all directions, allowing it to grab food from its body to pass up to its ever-hungry mouth.[citation needed]


It emerged from the Pit of Gormuz at an unknown point in history. However, unlike its greater brethren, it does not choose to range farther abroad. Instead it dwells in Offal Mountain within the Pit,[1][2] leaving only when summoned.[citation needed]

A follower of Rovagug can summon the Crawling Hunger using planar ally. When summoned in such a way, it requires a gift of at least half a dozen sizable creatures to consume to secure its obedience. Alternatively, magical items that create food or remove the need to eat can be an acceptable sacrifice, though its inexhaustible hunger will overwhelm their magic and digest them within a few days. If the summoner does not provide such sacrifices, the Crawling Hunger will immediately consume them as a substitute.[citation needed]