Cove of the Queen

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The beautiful and quiet Cove of the Queen lies on Besmara's Throne island in the Shackles. It is connected to the sea by a long inlet that starts just west of the the northern curve of the island. The inlet is wide at its start but the cove is reached after its second narrowing. The height of the cliffs that surround Besmara's Throne steadily decreases the farther one follows the inlet to the southeast. The horseshoe-shaped Holy Isle that stands at the center of the Cove of the Queen is covered by mists and is the destination of pilgrims' Voyage. Besmara's enormous temple lies on the Holy Isle, partially submerged in the islet's tiny bay. The town of Queen Bes sits on the cove and is populated by pilgrims who came to the island and decided to stay there.1


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