Courage Heart

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Courage Heart

(chaotic, extraplanar, good)
Any (Elysium)
Source: The Shackled Hut, pg(s). 84

Courage Heart is Milani's herald, fighting against tyranny and inspiring hope. As a mortal she participated in Galt's Red Revolution to remove the evil Chelish nobles, but eventually withdrew her support when the Revolution turned to revenge. She was branded an enemy of the state, captured while securing the freedom of allies, and was executed by a final blade. Milani freed her soul from the artifact and elevated her to be a herald.

Courage Heart keeps her mortal name secret to prevent retaliation against her family by the Revolutionary Council. As herald, she is charged with attacking enemies of the church, particularly outsiders and intelligent, immortal undead. She also seeks to inspire those living under tyrants the courage to revolt. She seeks to destroy all of the final blades, seeking assistance, unsuccessfully so far, from Pharasma's herald, the Steward of the Skein.1


Courage Heart resembles an aiuvarin, wears a wooden breastplate, wields a wooden morningstar, and carries a red rose in her left hand. The thorns from the rose cause blood to constantly trickle down her arm.1


As she was only recently made immortal, Courage Heart often acts and feels mortal. She still favors all things Galtan. She instinctively knows when a person she knew dies or a location in Galt is destroyed. She collects Galtan memorabilia. She observes friends and family while taking the form of an owl or mouse. She and Milani are willing to take more direct intervention than most gods; for these tasks, she takes the form of a mortal ranger. She often leads other celestials in hunting servitors of Zon-Kuthon.1


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